Rebecca Stevenson: Bambarella

Bambarella 2007
polyester resin and wax
85 x 63 x 55 cm

Luxe Vert 2008
polyester resin and wax
80 x 65 x 35 cm


Rice Cooker | Muji

Photography | Andrew Kim


Last of a dying tribe



3 eyed girl. 


[REPORT] Double Anniversary Monster Hunter 10th x 40th S.O.C. design by HAJIME KATOKI: Photoreport No.13 Wallpaper Size Images


sanguine spirit of good times and parties and too many flowers for my lil hand to draw

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probably one of my favorite quotes


Slim Fursuit Feet Paw Tutorial. Just finished a second set of feet paws for Halla because my first set isn’t very comfortable for a lot of walking. These feet are significantly smaller than my first set and they have flat shoe bottoms instead of raised silicon paw pads. I do not wish to go any more specific with my process, but I thought having a few photos could be helpful to those seeking to make slim outdoor feet.


A lot of people judge me; they think I’m pretty fucking weird. When I go on a photo shoot, the other industry models don’t know what to make of me. They’re usually like, ‘What the fuck is this?’ It’s difficult for me in the fashion world; people think I’m a gimmick and that I’m just being exploited for my differences. My interaction with people is stressful. We’re all mirrors to each other, and I think a lot of people tend to project their bullshit on me. I have to remember that when someone does judge me in a certain way, it’s just a reflection of their own issues. It just sucks that I have to be the one that receives it…. 
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Melanie Gaydos for StyleLikeU (TW for brief discussions of suicide and abuse)

らくがきまとめ01   |   by ぁすか

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